Threshold - PCB
  • Threshold - PCB
  • Threshold - PCB

Threshold - PCB

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Threshold is a triple conditional switch.

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Threshold is a triple conditional switch.
The status (ON or OFF) of the switches depends on the threshold settings and a reference CV.
The 2 first switches status changes when the CV is either above the threshold or below.
The 3rd switch is a bit different.
Its status depends on a reference CV and a set of 2 thresholds creating what is called a window comparator.
You can feed the IN's of the switches with any kind of signal: CV, Gate/Trig, audio...
If there is nothing plugged in the IN jack, the reference CV becomes the signal fed into the switch and will be present at the OUT when the switch is ON.
The 3rd switch OUT can be inverted.
All thresholds range from 0 to 5V.


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