Digisound VCO/LFO Euro - PCB set


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Eurorack reissue of both the Digisound 80-2 VCO & 80-3 VC LFO combined into 1 module.

PCB set
includes 2 PCBs

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This is a eurorack reissue of both the Digisound 80-2 VCO and 80-3 VC LFO.
Basically the difference between the two modules is the timing capacitor.
Therefore combining the two modules into one was quite easy.
The project was possible thanks to the reissue of the CEM3340 by several companies.

Tested with CEM3340, CEM3340G and AS3340 chips.

  • Specifications

    12 HP
    +12V 15mA
    -12V 15mA 
    5V 0mA
    Depth : 38 mm

PCB set